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Fashion Shopping for my Sons at Christmas

I always love this time of year but hate the crowds.  It has become a yearly tradition to buy clothes for my 3 sons who are now 20, 18 and 15.  They’ve grown up to see me transition from frumpy to functional to fashionable.  They take pride in representing themselves with their attire as they’ve grown.  I work in the technical […]

Are you a Monogamous or Hunt and Gather shopper?

Are you a Monogamous or Hunt and Gather shopper?.

Let’s talk Jeans

Let’s talk Jeans

I work for a high tech company where dress is very casual.  There are islands (or as I like to say aisles) of fashionistas and we nod to each other as we pass down the hallway since the site of a fabulous outfit is rare.  There is this instant unspoken admiration and respect  when you […]