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Are you a Monogamous or Hunt and Gather shopper?

I love clothes, I love shoes.  My love for accessories comes and goes.  Clothes can be a way to represent yourself at work, in public, when meeting new people, to family and friends.  Clothing provides a glimpse into who you are.  I often get asked where I get my outfits.  This got me wondering about shopping loyalty and habits.  When my boys were young, my shopping usually came out of desperation (like none of my pants fit or were ruined) or by chance when I was out and about and ran across a sale.  I had a hard time investing in clothes that may or may not fit and would definitely get some mileage wear that comes with motherhood.  Having a few unique body characteristics wasn’t always conducive to quickly buying off of just any shelf and online shopping was usually not successful and the extra time required to ship back items was unthinkable.

I stumbled on Victoria,s Secret catalogs.  Once I paged past the lingerie, I found they had jeans with long inseams and fell in love with London Jeans.  Finally I had pants long enough for my 34′ inseam as well as professional office wear.  Express also carried long lengths (back then VS and Express were owned by the same company) and if you got past their young adult fad looks, they had great professional wear.  Some of my best classic blazers are from Express.  Then the WHBM (White House Black Market) catalog magically appeared and I bought a few tops.  Then visited the store which was an hour drive, and now a few years later, I am a dedicated Premier member.  The excellent staff knows me by name.  Calls me when there are sales or things come in they know I will love.  My favorite stylist knows what I already have so doesn’t push items on me when I come in every few months for just a few items or to stock up for a new season.  I now thoughtfully plan out what I need to supplement my wardrobe and pick a few fashion forward items to splurge on before I head out for a day of shopping.  I have a very versatile wardrobe where I can mix things up with “vintage” as the WHBM staff calls anything that came from a previous season, with new items.  The clothing is quality and lasts.  Their colors also transcend time which allows new pieces to work with previous years.  The versatility their clothing provides is well worth the investment.  I still mix fashion forward pieces once in a while from Express, Tillys (where I shop for my sons) and of course some of my staple favorites from Victorias Secret.  I mostly shop at DSW for shoes 2-3 times a year as the weather changes.

On the other extreme of monogamous shoppers like myself, I have friends who are devoted to TJ Max and Marshalls.  The stores are just too busy for me and I have a hard time rummaging through racks filled with mixed, colors, sizes, styles.  It gives me a panic attack to try to find a hidden gem!  But they come out with fabulous finds they are very proud of and declare their savings over the cost.  I also have friends who love to shop online anywhere and who use sites that search for the items they are looking for without discerning what retailer or designer the items comes from (aka my Amazon girls).

What kind of shopper are you?  Monogamous?  Dedicated to a few stores where you know things will fit and don’t need to go elsewhere.  Or love to Hunt and Gather to find treasures from all ends of the earth?  How did you find your treasure spots and what do you look for that keeps you coming back?


One comment on “Are you a Monogamous or Hunt and Gather shopper?

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