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Confession of a Shoe Lover – How do you shoe?

I wasn’t always a Shoe Lover.  When my boys were small, popping into the local Payless Shoe Source when I had to was as good as it got – $20 max.  After having my 3 boys, I wasn’t thrilled with my post-baby weight so I found shoes were a great way to update my look instead of clothing and shoes gave me that happy “Shopping” feeling especially when I found the Nine West outlet store near work.  I would visit 2-3 times a year for the season change or I needed to replace one of my few existing pairs – $50 max.

As I moved up the ranks of the tech company I work for, I fell in love with heels.  There is just something about being 5’7″ in a company of enginerds and adding 3-4 inches of height in a cubicle environment.  You know the perks of being able to see over the walls, being able to see a speaker in a room full of employees from the back of the room, easily finding people in a crowd.  Although being the awkwardly tall one isn’t the best thing to see on film – especially when the average height of my “tall” female co-workers was 5’4″ –  it works when cameras are void.  

Up until we remodeled and I was able to design my own closet, my family of males never really knew how many shoes I had.  Sharing a small closet with my husband required rotating shoes and storing the out of season sandals or boots in bins.  When I finally designed a room that was bigger than my boys bedrooms to fit my needs, my husband couldn’t figure out why I designed soooo many shelves until he saw the filled closet with 100+ pairs of sandals, shoes and boots.  There are many fashionistas out there where 100 is a minuscule number of shoes but in a family where I’m the only girl, anything over 4 pairs is a lot.

Up until I sprained my ankle last October, my favorite heel height was 3″ for any shoe.  Flats were underrepresented.  Sandals that go between the big toe and the rest of the toes, not a fan until I broke my toe in June.  The injuries you ask? – that’s for another blog… both from karate (brown belt after 12 years in American Kenpo) and I skipped the “gracefulness gene line”.  I do tend to lean towards sandals and boots.  

Even with my love for shoes, I have found that before I wander into DSW, Nordstrom, Nike or any shoe store, I have to have purpose.  If I am not looking for something specific, I walk out empty handed.  Blasphemy, right?  Especially when you get points and gift certificates to keep you in the endless loop of wanting more shoes!  Here’s the list of my must haves:

  • Boots:  flat, 2 inch, 3 inch, slouchy, tall, short.  Black, brown, beige, gray.  Some seasons it’s hard to find the right color.  But pick a style that works for your personality:  western, mod, motto, classic.  I haven’t decided if I can rock the peep toe boot yet or the cut outs.  Is it practical with rain, can I find a comfortable pair, do they look right….
  • Sandals (options are endless):  flats, 2 in, 3 -4 inch, strappy, gladiator, wedges, any color but definitely white, beige, black, brown, khaki, blue.
  • “Shoes” as my husband calls them – that aren’t sandals or boots.  Pumps, oxfords, ballet flats.  This is the style I find the most difficult to find.

So if you aren’t a shoe lover yet, find the outfits that need something besides what’s in your closet and shop with purpose.  Example:  Today I am going to DSW to find a pair of black short boots with a 2″ heel – in leather.  And then I’ll find the perfect match and 2 additional pairs just because they are fabulous!

 Happy shopping!  What is your favorite style, shoe, store? 


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