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Let’s talk Jeans

I work for a high tech company where dress is very casual.  There are islands (or as I like to say aisles) of fashionistas and we nod to each other as we pass down the hallway since the site of a fabulous outfit is rare.  There is this instant unspoken admiration and respect  when you find someone in your industry who loves a great outfit and definitely fabulous shoes.  I make sure to get to know these fellow techies since they dress that way every day and there’s nothing more enjoyable than having a morning chat about fashion in a sea of enginerds.  At least since I moved to a new group awhile back, I no longer get asked if I’m “interviewing” if I wear a nice dress to work.  But occasionally when I get a surprised “you’re wearing a dress?” comment, I reply, “uh yeah, girl”.  I get that at home too but I expect it in my household of male teenagers, also referred to as my man children.

I still remember going to lunch with some colleagues one day and when we met up, they said, “wow, you look so formal for a Friday.  Are you comfortable?”  Comfortable?  I was wearing the same thing they were:  jeans and a t-shirt.  I just happened to be wearing clothing from WHBM and heels.  Why would I wear something uncomfortable?  I think that’s one of the biggest myths from those who shy away from fashion is that fashion is uncomfortable.  The clothing is made from the same fabrics and if you love fashion, you love fashion that fits and feels good.

Many companies outside the tech industry only do “casual Friday”.  Whether it’s your casual Friday or your daily attire, we’ve all seen articles on how to rock a pair of jeans in the office.  Glamour Magazine had a great article in their August edition on the right fit jeans.  A dark wash is better than a faded, lighter or acid wash.  I save my ripped jean look for the weekend.  You can rock a pair of skinny jeans, straight leg or flared (which looks to be a great trend this fall).  To make jeans office appropriate, leave the sports shoes at home and pair it with great heels, sandals or boots.  I always wear either a blazer or sweater at work.  I love feminine tanks and camisoles but when the office is 68 degrees, freezing takes away from the comfort of a fashionable outfit.

So why most of my co-workers both male and female wear casual t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes, my preference is a nice pair of dress pants and occasionally the work dress but also love wearing a great pair of jeans with great shoes and fashion at the top.  For some great ideas on work appropriate Jean outfits, checkout the Best Fashion Fit Work Jeans page.  Here are some retail and designer suggestions based on your unique fit:

From Glamour Magazine:

Bigger Butt

NYDJ, Hudson Jeans, Lands End

Straight up and down (Boyish figure)

American Eagle Outfitters, Bebe, AG

The muffin or tummy

DKNY, New York and Company, Old Navy

Wide Hips

Armani, Lee, Calvin

I have long legs (34″ inseam) and with many jeans, I end up with a gap in the back because I have a small waist but not small thighs or butt.  I do get the “it must be so hard being tall”… It’s much easier to shorten a pair of pants since adding an extra inch or two probably wouldn’t be the latest new fad.  My favorites that consistently fit with no gaps and I can wear with flats or high heels:

Victoria Secret London Blue (34″ inseam)

WHBM – Amazingly both their Long fit and regular fit work well.

Levi’s 512 Long

What’s your favorite pair of jeans and why do you love them?


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