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Welcome to the Best Fashion Fit Blog

I’m so glad you’re here!  Welcome.  Today is the official launch of BestFashionFit.com. For years I thought the reason I couldn’t find clothes that fit was because I had body issues.  Once in a while I could find a pair of pants that was actually long enough for my 34″ inseam and I would wear them until they were no longer wearable in public.  I would then go back to the retailer and the brand or the style no longer existed.

I tried online retailers and would have some luck but returning things was a pain and a hassle with my busy work schedule and family.   I tried altering but finding a good alterations place (busy schedule again) and then having them come out right only added cost to my clothing budget.

Over the years as my BFF network grew, I realized I wasn’t the only woman who wanted clothes to fit well but struggled in the right find.

I finally found a retailer where almost everything fits but I just happened to stumble on them when checking out a new shopping center across the street from the mall.  Their clothes are a little higher priced than I would have previously purchased but I find the quality is excellent and things match season to season.

So how do we help you find the retailer or design for you?  The purpose of this site is to share retailers you have found or I have researched that work for certain body types.  Once a week I will pick a topic (long inseam, large bust, small waste, big calves…).  Please jump into the conversation, that’s how this will work!  If you have the same issues, SHARE!  If you have the same body type and have found a retailer or designer that works for you, SHARE!  If you have a unique fit that is not on the website or we haven’t discussed yet, SHARE!

There’s a theme here, right?  SHARE.  Let’s help each other end the clothing or settling issue and find the fit, make you feel great and get back to loving fashion!  Are you in?


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